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Match Lakes

Match Lakes: Welcome

Our two newest lakes, Chestnut and Hawthorn, were excavated in 1999 and opened for fishing in 2000. Together with Ash Lake, they form our dedicated Match Fishery. All three lakes are stocked in a similar manner, so that if used together, they should compare favourably. Stocked predominantly with carp, the Commons and Mirrors range in size from a few ounces up to 16lb, and the Ghosties range from 1lb up to 12lb. The bulk of the fish average between 3lb and 8lb. These are the fish that win you the Match. Also stocked are Tench, Skimmer Bream, Chub, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Golden Orfe, Gudgeon and Crucians, which are all worth fishing for if the carp are reluctant to feed. Match weights to 150lb are common through the summer, with occasional weights well over 150lb. No Day-Ticket anglers are allowed on these lakes.

Match Lakes: Text

Ash Lake

Ash Lake is the original match lake, opened in 1994, and has 25 pegs. Figure-of-eight shaped with 2 islands, every peg can fish across to the islands at 12-14 metres. The average depth of the lake is 4ft. Best match weight is currently 250lb, however there have been occasional multiple ton-plus match weights from this lake.

This lake is located directly infront of the match car park and is the most accessible match lake out of the 3. 


Hawthorn Lake

Hawthorn Lake is unusually shaped. With seven long thin islands with lots of gaps and two peninsulars, it twists and turns. There are 30 pegs around the lake and all can fish over to the islands at 11-13 metres. The average depth is 3-4ft. The big Ghosties in this lake are well known for charging off through the gaps and round the islands. You have been warned! Also there are lots of Tench and Skimmers in this lake. Best weight 164lb 4oz from peg 11.


Chestnut Lake

Chestnut Lake is long and oval, with a central line of four islands. There are 25 pegs and all can fish over to the islands at 12-14 metres. Depth 3ft at one end and 5ft at the other. There are a lot more small fish in here than in the other two match lakes, particularly Tench and Crucians. A 3hr evening match was won with 95lb 12oz from peg 12 on this lake. Best match weight 168lb 10oz from peg 14.

Match Lakes: Program

Match Lake Bookings

Prices: £6.00 Per Peg 
Minimum of 10 pegs to be booked

To book a match please either call 01400 282190 or email us on


Match Lake Rules 2022

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